Gender Subverting Chairs

Issue: embedded social roles & male dominance

“I am the most uncomfortable when his junk is in direct eye sight.”

The complexity of gender social roles are difficult to articulate. Often, women are frustrated by unspoken subtexts and codes that typically result in assumed male dominance.

These club chairs are a physical manifestation of gender power dynamics and were created to help craft language around these complicated ideas and unconscious practices.

These chairs are the end result of a study that explored the landscape between a man and a woman through a series of photographs. The exercise ranged from the standard office setup to more absurd positions using basic office furniture.

By investigating the intersection of gender and proximity, physicality and comfortability, the following questions were raised: what are ways to articulate and address these unspoken frustrations? How can women subvert male dominance?

male posturing

female posturing

physicalizing the differences

These project is part of a larger project: Engaging the Unspoken.