Community Arts Class Registration

client: Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
role: researcher/strategist, web designer/developer

I was hired by the Department of Cultural Affairs to develop and implement a service design project to enhance access to art classes and integrate a class registration system at their community arts centers.

Currently, the class registration process is mostly analog and in-person, and each center has its own unique way of recording information.

At the pilot center, on registration day, parents form a line to register their child/children for classes through a series of paperwork. If they are returning students, much of this paperwork is redundant, but due to the analog system, it needs to be repeated each session. It can take hours for one person to move through the registration process. After registration day, the center staff spend countless hours inputting the information into their outdated, disjointed, and slow computer system.

My first step in developing a more efficient and online process was conducting a thorough user experience study on both staff and community users. I was able to identify barriers, pain-points, and talk through ways to streamline the experience without interrupting the current service. I held two extensive staff and parent design workshops.

I also created an audit of available software systems in which I discovered a third-party vendor that could co-create a multi-access-point class registration experience and classroom management system.

Currently, in my six-step iterative design process, I completed steps one and two (research/discovery and design). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this project is on hold.