Los Angeles Fire Department

client: Lightray Productions for Los Angeles Fire Department
website: lafd.org
role: lead UX designer, content strategist

In 2014, I was hired by Lightray Productions when the agency was tasked with revamping the LAFD internet presence. This included the public-facing website, internal portal, alerts system and FireStatLA.

My first priority was to inventory all the pages and information on the current site and then work with LAFD staff to restructure the information architecture. This included countless hours of page scraping, stakeholder meetings, and user engagement.
From there, I worked with our creative director to develop the look and feel of the website and expand that to each page template.

Once our web developer built the site, my next task was to add all the pages and information from our first priority. This was quite a task, so I trained LAFD staff on the backend of the website. I created a user manual and led workshops with various LAFD staff to teach them how to use the website and adapt to their new workflow.

We followed a similar process for the LAFD internal portal, and then developed a more streamlined process for their alerts system and FirestatLA. FireStatLA is an online public mapping and visual data platform that displays emergency response times for all 112 stations in LA.

I continue to support the design and web efforts of the LAFD through my collaboration with the Fundamental Design Group.